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What happens on a Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) Weekend?

A series of presentations on concepts pertinent to marriage and life experiences are presented by a priest and a married couple. After each presentation, the engaged couple will individually answer a set of questions, in writing, on aspects of their forthcoming married life. This will be followed by a time for the engaged couple to share what each has written and then discuss their answers privately. The engaged couple's discussion is always from the viewpoint of their own personal relationship. Personal reflection and discussion between the engaged couple becomes the main thrust of the weekend. 

Is Catholicism pushed?

No! The emphasis of the weekend is your couple relationship. While our program is presented from a Catholic perspective, it does not aim to convert anyone. The weekend deals with values common to all Christian faiths.


What do we wear?  

Please wear comfortable, casual clothing.  


Do we need to bring anything with us on an in-person weekend?

You do not need to bring a notebook or pen; these are supplied for you. We do ask that you bring a favourite snack (nut-free/peanut-free) to share with the group.


When does the weekend begin? 

In-person Weekend:  The start time for an in-person weekend will be given to you when you register (start times will vary according to the location of the weekend).  Please arrive a half-hour prior to the start of the weekend.  Because we are on a tight schedule we cannot wait for couples who arrive late.  Please make sure you have a clear understanding of the facility's location in order to arrive on time.

Virtual Weekend: Each day please login half an hour before the first presentation. For daily start times, check the schedule sent by email.


When does the weekend end?

In-person Weekend: typically finishes with Mass between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Virtual Weekend: check the schedule sent by email for daily end times. Mass is not included on a Virtual Weekend.


Do we need to be present for the entire weekend?

It is very important that you experience the entire weekend.  If you arrive late or leave early, you will miss important parts of the weekend experience, and we will not be able issue your marriage preparation certificate verifying your attendance.  Please be in attendance for the entire weekend, unless an emergency arises. If you need to leave, please speak to one of the team members.


Will we have much free time on the weekend?

No.  The weekend is designed so that you can spend as much concentrated time together as possible preparing for your marriage.  For an in-person weekend (time permitting), we will have a break on Saturday afternoon. Saturday will be a long day, usually running until 9:00 p.m. or later.  For both in-person and virtual weekends, short breaks are scheduled through the day as well as time for meals (usually 45 minutes per meal).


Where can I smoke on an in-person weekend?

All our facilities are smoke-free, but smoking may be allowed in designated areas outside the building or off-site in a public area.


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